Patients and Families Information


The information collected and published by PICANet can help parents, carers and others gain an insight and understanding about the activity of the paediatric intensive care service within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

PICANet brings together health professionals, parents and carers with experience of paediatric intensive care, to work together to improve services for the family.

PICANet have provided useful links to information and organisations that may provide additional support and information for families caring for a sick child at the time of or following an admission to paediatric intensive care.

Does my child have to be included?

If you do not want information which could identify your child included in PICANet, please tell the nurse or doctor caring for your child. They will make sure your child’s confidential information is not sent to PICANet. Your decision will not alter the care your child receives in this or any other hospital.

If you have left hospital and decide that you do not want information which could identify your child included in PICANet and would like to withdraw any information, please call us directly at PICANet on 0113 3438125 or email

Please visit our PICANet Patient Privacy and Fair Processing Statement for more detail on how we handle and retain information collected as part of the PICANet audit (Welsh language version). A list of Associated Research that use PICANet Data are also available.

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You may have been provided with printed copies of the leaflets, or seen the poster displayed in the unit you have visited. If you click the images or links below they will take you to larger ‘pop out’ versions of our leaflets and posters.



  PICANet Poster 2016.v.7.1

Republic of Ireland PICANet Poster 2014 v.7.0

Welsh PICANet Poster 2016.v.7.1









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We have pulled together some information on useful websites . This includes useful support groups and organisations associated with conditions and treatment in PIC.

 Please follow the links to the websites. Please note that PICANet is providing the pathways to access these sites, however we do not have authority or accept responsibility for the content and upkeep of these site.