Annual Report Special Chapters

Year Title Author(s)
2021 COVID-19 and PIMS-TS in PICU PICANet
COVID-19 Staffing Survey PICANet
Diabetic ketoacidosis in English PICUs: the impact of COVID-19 Marilyn McDougall and Jonathan Lillie
2019 Variation in levels of care provision in designated PICUs from 2010 to 2018 PICANet
2018 Referral and transport winter pressures PICANet
2017 Long Term Survival After Discharge from PICU PICANet
2016 Generalising the findings from the CATCH trial (CATheter infections in CHildren) to paediatric intensive care across the NHS: the value of linking PICANet and infection surveillance data Ruth Gilbert and Katie Harron
I-KID study: evaluation of efficacy, outcomes & safety of a new infant haemodialysis and ultrafiltration machine in clinical use Heather Lambert
The SANDWICH trial (Sedation AND Weaning In CHildren): what is it about and what are the potential implications for care in the PICU? Bronagh Blackwood
FEVER: a feasibility study of a formal randomised trial of a more liberal approach to fever in critically ill children with suspected infection Samiran Ray and Mark Peters
2015 PICANet healthcare audit and research: a triumphant past and present, but what about the future? Robert C Tasker
Referral and transport dataset Padmanabhan Ramnarayan
The control of hyperglycaemia in paediatric intensive care (CHIP) trial Duncan Macrae
Monitoring quality of care through linkage of PICANet data: CVC care bundles and trends in bloodstream infection in UK paediatric intensive care units 2003-2012 Katie Harron
Generalising findings from the: catheter infections in children (CATCH) trial to practice in NHS PICUs Katie Harron on behalf of the CATCH investigators
Using PICANet data nationally to improve quality of care Mel Miller, Dominique Gray-Williams, Allan Wardhaugh, Mark Terris, Cathy McMahon, Claire Magner, Erika Brereton
2014 Ten years of increasing demand for paediatric intensive care Peter Davis
Changes over the last decade in ventilator support in PICU Kevin Morris
Changing patterns of interventions used in paediatric intensive care over the last decade Claire Westrope
Distance between home address and treating unit over ten years of intensive care treatment Padmanabhan Ramnarayan
Trends in paediatric intensive care nurse staffing over the last ten years Ghislaine Stephenson, Paula Lister
Standardised mortality ratios – illustrating why ranking alone cannot give a full picture of a decade of unit performance Allan Wardhaugh
2013 Humidified high flow oxygen therapy in paediatrics John Alexander
PICANet goes to Bastion David Inwald, Steve Bree, Gail Whittle, Roger Parslow
2012 Using linked infection PICANet data to generalise results from a large randomised controlled trial to the wider NHS: the CATCH trial of impregnated CVCs in PICU Katie Harron, Angie Wade, Berit Muller-Pebody, Ruth Gilbert, Quen Mok, Harvey Goldstein, Roger Parslow
The future of intensive care unit hospital-acquired infection surveillance Mike Sharland
2011 Asthma in PICU Andrew Nyman, Andrew Durward
ECMO in Paediatric Intensive Care in England and Wales Peter Davis, Gale Pearson