Associated Research

PICANet is approved by the Health Research Authority as a research database and actively supports a number of different research projects.

This can be providing data for the purposes of research through our data request process, or by enabling units to download their own data in format suitable for use within a specific research project (customised download).

Below is information on some of the current projects PICANet is supporting :


NEUROlogical Prognosis After Cardiac Arrest in Kids
Aims to follow up children 3 months after their cardiac arrest to assess their quality of life and current functional status.

The DEPICT Study 

Differences in access to Emergency Paediatric Intensive Care and care during Transport
The organisation of PICRTs varies across the UK, particularly with regards to the composition of the team and the distance they need to travel to reach a child. Research is needed to investigate how these, and other factors, affect the outcomes and experiences of sick children and their families. Further information available in this document.


Sedation And Weaning in Children

The SANDWICH intervention involves greater collaboration among doctors and nurses in coordinating patient-relevant sedation plans

FEVER Feasibility Study

Investigating the most appropriate time to start temperature  reduction in critically ill children

The I-KID Study

Infant kidney dialysis and filtration
Comparison of  dialysis methods in babies


A Combined feasibility and external pilot study to inform the design and conduct of the Fluids in Shock  trial



Please note that all links and the upkeep of the information beyond this page is the responsibility of the associated projects. PICANet takes no responsibility for the maintenance or relevance of that information.