Level 2 Expansion

PICANet is a web-based audit database that records and stores the details of the treatment of critically ill children in paediatric intensive care units (PICUs, known as Level 3 critical care) from across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. However, many children receive critical care of a lower level outside of the PICU, and data on these patients is not nationally recorded.

In March of 2021, PICANet was commissioned by NHS England and Improvement to undertake a development project to expand its clinical audit to include data collection and reporting of children in discrete Level 2 PCC units (sometimes referred to as ‘High Dependency Units’). Initially we ran a Level 2 pilot study to test the feasibility and quality of data collection in seven Level 2 critical care units in England.

Upon successful completion of the pilot study in October 2022, we are now in the process of rolling out the data collection nationally. Outcomes and feedback following completion of the pilot study were assessed and appropriate changes have been implemented to improve the data quality and the data collection process. The PICANet Level 2 expansion is taking place on a progressive course from February 2023 to involve collecting data from children in approximately 30-35 designated Level 2 units or areas in England.

Level 2 Expansion Documents (data collection form, manuals and guidance) can be found in the Level 2 Expansion Documents section of our website.

If you have any questions about the expansion please contact Emily Evans, Study Administrator.

We also have specific patient and families leaflets and a poster for the Level 2 expansion of PICANet, which can be found in the Patients and Families Information section of our website.

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