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PICANet data is used for national and local audit, service planning, commissioning, research, and to provide baseline information for clinical trials.

PICANet is a powerful tool for supporting clinical governance in paediatric intensive care.

PICANet collects three core datasets:

Admission data: The demographic and clinical data on all admissions, collated by PICANet, allows comparison of PICU activity at a local level with national benchmarks. This dataset provides an important evidence base on outcomes, processes and structures that permits planning for future practice, audit and interventions.

Referral and Transport data: This enables us to compare and audit these important aspects of care for children who need paediatric intensive care.


PICANet 2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce that the PICANet Annual Report 2021 is now published.

The PICANet Annual Report includes the Tables and Figures, Appendices, and Supplementary Special Chapters:

  1. COVID-19 and PIMS-TS in PICU
  2. COVID-19 Staffing Survey
  3. Diabetic ketoacidosis in English PICUs: the impact of COVID-19

New for the 2021 Annual Report, is an infographic to highlight some of key findings.

Annual Report

Supplementary Special Chapters



Following publication of v1.0 of the PICANet Annual Report 2021 on 13 Jan 2022, v1.1 Apr 2022 of the report has been released following a correction to the descriptive text surrounding Figure 7 (p32) and two in-document links to figures. These minor changes do not impact on the overall findings of the report or the recommendations.

Tables and figures

Data description Admissions Retrieval, Transfers and Interventions
Bed activity and length of stay Outcomes, SMR and individuals Prevalence and children in adult ICUs
Activity data Data quality Referral, transport and staffing

Transparency data available here.
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Previous editions of the PICANet Annual Report are available in the Annual Report Archive.


Leaflets and Information

PICANet produce information leaflet to help explain how PICANet use patient informationĀ  for the patients, and the families and carers.

We have a whole section providing useful information and links for families available including child friendly resources.


If you use PICANet data from our annual reports, in all cases PICANet must be acknowledged as the source when reproducing or quoting any part of PICANet publication or data.

Please use the following format when citing the Annual Reports report:
Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network Annual ReportĀ  (yyyy) (published mm/yyyy): Universities of Leeds and Leicester.