Understanding the epidemiology in the transition from neonatal to paediatric care: a data linkage study

Chief Investigator:

Dr Sarah E Seaton


University of Leicester


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Lay Summary:

Following birth, around one in seven babies are admitted for specialist neonatal care in the UK. Admission rates to neonatal care have increased in the last few years, partly due to improved survival of the most vulnerable babies, particularly those born very prematurely or those with serious health problems. More and more of these babies now survive, but the impact of their health and the care received immediately after birth can be lifelong. There has also been an increase in admissions to paediatric intensive care units (PICU) in the last ten to fifteen years. We believe that many admissions relate to children who received neonatal care immediately after birth, although the exact number is not known. Very little is known about what happens between neonatal and paediatric care including which children are likely to experience both types of care, and how clinical services, parents and professionals manage the transition.

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