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Annual Reporting

PICANet publish an annual report providing baseline information on PICU activity and risk adjusted outcomes covering all PICU admissions in the UK and Ireland.

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PICANet - 2016 Annual Report

The PICANet 2016 Annual Report is due for publication in September 2016, this will be the 13th annual report from the Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network. This publication will be reporting on PICANet data from the 1st January 2013 to the 31st December 2015.

PICANet - 2015 Annual Report

2015 sees the publication of our 12th annual report, with data presented on 59,642 paediatric intensive care admissions (aged under 16 years) and 1,430 admissions (aged 16 years and over), in the three year period January 2012 to December 2014.

The latest report from the Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network shows that despite a year on year increase in activity, mortality rates following admission for paediatric intensive care remain very low at less than 4%.This is at a time when only 15% of UK PICUs met the current nurse staffing levels as prescribed by the Paediatric Intensive Care Society Standards. Recent data from across the NHS has highlighted the use of Agency and Bank nursing staff and there are similar findings in Paediatric Intensive Care.

Download the 2015 PICANet Annual Report here:

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