Data Manuals and Guidance

Manuals and Guidance for the Core Data Collection 

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An Introduction to recording the Admissions Dataset-2021


PICANet Key Metrics

How to complete the PICANet Referral form 2018-11

How to complete the PICANet Admission form v7.2 2022-05

How to complete the PICANet Transport form v1.0

Changes to the PICANet Admission and Transport Datasets November 2020

PICANet Web Admission Dataset Manual v5.5 May 2022

PICANet Admission Schema Manual v1.9 2022-05

PICANet Referral & Transport Dataset Definitions Manual v2.2 November 2020

PICANet Referral Schema Manual V1.2

PICANet Transport Schema Manual V1.6

PICANet Dataset Changes Over Time This document contains details on data availability and limitations which should be considered when submitting a data or information access request for PICANet data.










PICANet Web Quick User Guide v3.0 2017












Resetting Sequential Probability Ratio Test Plot (RSPRT)_explanation