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As it is highly likely that a surge of adults with COVID-19 will be treated on PICUs we have reviewed our data collection and for any patient overseen/managed by adult critical care teams , irrespective of location, data should be collected for the ICNARC case mix programme rather than PICANet.
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Please click on the links to open the full document. These are available to download and print from this site or contact PICANet to order copies sending to your unit.


PICANet form admission v9.4 October 2017

PICANet form admission continuation sheet v9.4 October 2017


PICANet form referral v2.4 October 2017


PICANet form transport v2.1 October 2017


Please contact PICANet Project Officer, Sophie, on 0113 343 8125 or email for printed colour copies of any of the above forms to be sent directly to your organisation.

For Care Providers based within England:

Please note that prior to sending data to PICANet the NHS National Data Opt Out Policy must be applied. For individuals who have indicated that they wish to opt out, the record must not be submitted to PICANet.