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What is Customised Data Collection?

Customised Data Collection is the collection of any additional data beyond the PICANet core dataset for the purposes of audit. We now refer to ‘Customised Data Collection’ rather than ‘Custom Audit’ to reflect the wider potential use of the customised data collection function in PICANet Web. It may be about a specific patient group, be carried out in single or multiple units and will be collected through the PICANet Web data collection tool.

Anyone wishing to propose customised data collection must submit a written proposal to PICANet by emailing, this proposal will then be taken to the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) and management team for consideration.

Please note all approved customised data collections are voluntary and are made available for organisations wishing to participate via the PICANet Web data collection tool.

Customised Data Collection policy

Customised Data Collections currently available on PICANet Web

PICANet renal replacement therapy audit

PICANet has launched a customised data collection for a new renal replacement therapy dataset relating to paediatric patients who receive Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) in PICUs in the UK and Ireland. Clinical support for this audit is being provided by Dr Claire Westrope (Consultant PICU/ECMO, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust) and the Paediatric Intensive Care Society Study Group (PICS SG) Renal Group. While it is clear that the use of CRRT in critically ill children is increasing, very little is known about outcomes, modality, timing of initiation and a host of other parameters. This audit will provide baseline information on current practice that has not been available up until now. This audit is voluntary and includes summary data and daily interventions data.

The data definitions manual and data collection forms are available from the links below. Please contact Dr Claire Westrope via email at with any clinical queries.

Renal Dataset Data Definitions Manual

Renal Dataset Daily Data Definitions Manual

Renal Dataset Daily Data Data Collection Form


NET-PACK 3 Custom Audit

NET-PACK 3 Custom Audit - PICANet evaluation of Post cardiac Arrest Care in Kids. NET-PACK 3 is a re-audit of patient management after cardiac arrest in UK and Irish PICUs following the collection of NET-PACK 2 data that ended in 2015. NET-PACK 3 has been designed to investigate the impact and compliance with the new International guidance and research data on post-arrest care as part of our clinical audit function. NET-PACK 3 is intended to assess the effect of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) recommendations on Paediatric Advanced Life Support and post-cardiac arrest management and recent clinical trial evidence on the post-arrest management of patients.

NET-PACK 3 Data Collection Form

NET-PACK 3 Data Definitions Manual

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