New RSPRT Guidance for Units released

We have put together guidance for units on resetting sequential probability ratio test (RSPRT) plots as an addition to PICANet’s main Outlier Policy. It is available on our Policies page.

RSPRT plots identify where PICUs have performance outside of what might be expected given the case-mix of admissions. Units are able to view their RSPRT plot at any point via the PICANet Web database to identify and respond to potential issues in a timely fashion. PICANet also contact each unit quarterly to inform them of their current RSPRT status which will be one of the following:

  • satisfactory performance
  • cause for close monitoring
  • cause for concern requiring internal review (positive/negative)

This RSPRT Guidance for Units is a quality improvement guide, providing units with:

  • a background description to the RSPRT plots
  • interpretation of the plots and their three possible states
  • the outline of a process to follow in case of an alarm or reset (cause for concern)
  • a case study from a unit that has dealt with an RSPRT outlier

We hope that you find this guidance useful. If have any questions, please contact