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How often should I enter or submit data?

Data should be entered as frequently as possible onto PICANet Web as this enables us to keep an up to date database. Part data can be entered whilst you are waiting for the complete set of data. When you complete the data entry the record will be updated. If you are using your own software and exporting to PICANet Web then you should export as soon as you have made any changes.

Where can I get some more data collection forms, referral forms or transport forms?

These can be requested from or by calling any member of the team on 0113 343 8125. Alternatively download from the documents section of the PICANet website.

How long should I keep the paper copies of the data collection form?

PICANet would advise to keep old paper copies of the admission, referral and transport data collection forms for 3 years in case of any query with the data, but it is up to the discretion of each individual organisation.Please check your Trusts policy on data retention

Who can I call if I am stuck with a technical query?

Please call any member of the team on 0113 343 8125 during office hours or email us on

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